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WeCare Technology Group (WTG) was created to deliver a variety of viable organic waste conversion systems to markets concerned with Renewable Energy Conservation, Recovery and Generation the natural evolution of responsible residuals management.

WTG products, services and organic waste conversion technologies include:

A division of WeCare Organics LLC, the WeCare Technology Group is focused on providing waste managers, generators and operators with long-term, sustainable waste management solutions. Technologies offered by WTG are patented and/or proprietary systems which have been licensed for distribution in the US and Canada.

Each WTG waste conversion system and process is specifically designed, built, managed, marketed and distributed for applications on a case-by-case basis, providing every customer with a tailored solution to their needs.

The formation of WeCare Technology Group has enhanced the offering of parent-company, WeCare Organics LLC, by bringing to the market place a means of delivering renewable waste conversion technologies — with or without a compliment of contract services.

Whether a customer requires a specific technology, alone, for a particular application, or a design-build, own/operate contract — or something in between, the WeCare Technology Group can provide any combination of technology, services and machinery to fit very specific needs.

Energy Recovery Indirect Drying

Energy ReCovery Indirect Drying
WeCare ERID® is an Energy Recovery Indirect Drying (ERID) application used to further dry biosolids and other residuals. In so doing, WeCare Erid® provides for the recovery of renewable energy (methane and waste heat), converting energy to a hot oil or steam. The ERID® process significantly improves operating efficiencies through the utilization of waste energy.

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Four Cell Gasifier

Gasification Process Systems
WeCare can provide the most technically advanced, commercially viable, and environmentally friendly system on the market, for the conversion of wastes to green energy and residual ash. Available in one, two, three or four cell sizes, handling up to 30 mmBtu per Hr, gasifiers are both modular and scalable to accommodate larger quantities of biomass feedstocks as needed.

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Alkaline Pasteurization Systems

Alkaline Pasteurization Systems
EarthBlends Advantage™ Alkaline Pasteurization Technology is a Class A biosolids process which produces an "Exceptional Quality" agricultural liming agent and/or topsoil. The process incorporates mineral and alkaline materials into biosolids, which adjusts pH, temperature and solids content, for a stable soil-like end product.

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Vermitech® Composting System

Vermitech® Composting System
Exclusively licensed to WeCare, the Vermitech® system uses earthworms to transform large quantities of organic waste into a valuable organic-based fertilizer. This natural process has evolved into a highly industrialized, process-controlled technology that produces a quality, environmentally friendly compost. The end-product,
WeCare VermiCompost™, is successfully marketed to commercial land users and agricultural growers alike.

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Material Handling

Composting & Material Handling
Doppstadts full line of energy efficient, grinders, shredders and screeners naturally complement the WeCare line of products and services, and provide waste managers looking for long-term, sustainable waste management solutions with a true turn-key fit. WeCare Technology Group is a certified distributor for Doppstadt products which are built with precision German engineering, to provide the finest quality machinery available to the industry.

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WeCare Organics LLC is a certified, official Doppstadt distributor
WeCare Organics LLC
is a certified, official
Doppstadt distributor
Organic Conversion for the Renewable Future
"Organic Conversion for the Renewable Future"