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WeCare Compost

WeCare Vermicompost™ is an organically rich compost that is produced using the reliable, natural behavior of earthworms.

Developed in Austrailia, the Vermitch System™ is inherently "green", garnering both political support, as well as strong encouragement from state and local agricultural, and environmental, regulators.

How it Works

Organic waste is mixed with wood chips and layered into specially designed, elevated reactors containing earthworms. As the earthworms naturally burrow through and consume the material, they reduce the volume, and simultaneously aerate it. This allows microbes to accelerate the decomposition process, yielding a rich, soil enhancing Vermicompost.

Operating as a "Plug-Flow" design, fresh solids are fed to the system at the top, as the solids are naturally processed while flowing through the reactors to the bottom.

After a set time, the Vermicompost is harvested from the bottom of the beds using special propriety equipment. A strict Quality Assurance program ensures process controls and product consistency. After screening and drying, the final product is ready for distribution.

Ideal for Multiple Organic Wastes

  • Biosolids
    • Dewatered Cake & Liquid Sludges
    • Class A, EQ Output
  • Agricultural Wastes
  • Dairy Wastes
  • Food Wastes

Environmentally and Cost Friendly

The WeCare Organics Vermitech system is listed by the United Nations Environment Program as an "environmentally sound technology," with the "potential for significantly improved environmental performance relative to other technologies."

With horticultural and agricultural markets already established throughout the Northeast, a well-trained sales staff, and a network of delivery and distribution facilities– WeCare Organics VermiCompost™ gives cost-concerned customers . . .
some real wiggle room.
  • Minimal Fossil Fuel Consumption/Environmental Impact
    • Substantial Waste Reduction (Output Volume is ~30% of Input Volume)
    • Low Greenhouse gas emissions (45% less than landfill disposal)
    • Low Odor / Minimal Dust & Noise
  • Less Amendment Addition versus Conventional Composting
  • Beneficial Sustainable Technology
  • Reduced Operating Parameters compared to other systems
  • Proven Soil Health Benefits
  • Stable End-Product for long term storage & distribution

Naturally Beneficial to Crops

  • Suppresses Disease
  • Increases Crop Yields
  • Provides Greater Uniformity of Crop Size
  • Improves Crop Health & Shelf Life
  • Reduces requirements for inorganic fertilizer
  • Promotes earlier, stronger & increased flowering
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