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The Dewatering & Dredging Group of WeCare Organics, like all the WeCare Companies, evolved to meet the needs of customers already familiar with the practical turnkey solutions that we provide.

With over twenty years of corporate, operational experience, the WCO Dewatering and Dredging Group is a mobile, responsive team of professionals, who is used to thinking “outside the box” to meet unexpected challenges...
appropriately and responsibly.

• Residuals Dewatering • Digester Cleanouts • Hydraulic Dredging services •
• Material Recovery • Disposal/Recycling Options

Mobile Dewatering at Plant


  • Short or long term contracts
  • Emergency service
  • Municipal/Industrial settling lagoons and biosolids holding areas
  • Belt filter presses (Operations or Rentals), Centrifuges, GeoTextile Technologies
  • Turnkey Removal and Disposal


Portable Hydraulic Dredging
As always, the operations of WeCare Organics Dewatering & Dredging Group are governed by a strict code of regulatory compliance.
  • Waterways, ponds, lakes/power plants, wastewater treatment plants, paper mills, water authorities
  • Depths of up to 25 feet
  • Horizontal and cutter-head dredges from 6-12 inches
  • Diesel powered boosters for long distance pumping applications
  • Waste Characterization Testing