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What is the WeCare Compost™ Product Use Guide?

This document, the most comprehensive publication by any manufacturer of biosolids-based compost, was developed by WeCare Organics to ensure best use of WeCare Compost™, in accordance with the standard of excellence required by the US Composting Councilís (USCC) Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Program.  Topics include:

  • Physical, chemical and biological benefits of compost
  • Source materials and feedstocks comprising compost
  • Compost characteristics and parameters
  • Production/management challenges of biosolids-based products
  • Benefits & Risk Management of biosolids recycling, or beneficial use
  • Product comparisons with other horticultural/agricultural products on the market
  • Application calculations and specifications for the variety of recommended uses
  • Sample Specifications

The WeCare Compost™ Product Use Guide is available to customers, landscape architects and engineers who are guided by industry standards for best management practices concerning compost.  For your free copy of the WeCare Organics Compost Use Guide, please CLICK HERE.