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Ann Arbor Compost Center

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Facility Address: 4150 Platt Road, 48108
Facility Phone: 734-477-0334
Operating Hours: M-F 8am-4pm
Additional Seasonal Hours: April thru June Sat: 8am-12noon

Commercial Sales - Pricing 2012

    Grass, Leaves, other vegetation $12/cubic yard
    Wood waste, brush, comingled $15/cubic yard
    Chipped wood $ 5/cubic yard
    COMPOST $18/cubic yard
    MULCH $18/cubic yard
    TOPSOIL $18/cubic yard
  • DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE for an additional fee. Minimum delivery quantity is 4 cubic yards.
  • Contact Don Butynski, Facility Manager, at 734-477-0334 to set up your delivery.
  • Pricing for all product and services are established by WeCare Organics LLC.
  • WeCare Organics reserves the right to change its pricing without notice.
  • To confirm the most up to date pricing:
Instructions for Yardwaste Recycling and Purchase of Compost and Mulch
  • All transactions for yard waste drop-off and product sales pickup must start at the scale house, located at the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). Please follow the signs posted on the entrance drive. You will be required to present sales receipt prior to entering compost facility.
  • Deliveries may be scheduled through the facility manager (see above) and may be prepaid via credit card or a check upon delivery.
  • Source Separation: A $3 price reduction is offered for source separated leaves, grass and vegetation. Co-mingled yard waste (including brush woody materials) will be charged at full price full price.
  • Yard waste Delivery: Commercial vehicles dropping waste greater than 5 cubic yards will be required to weigh in and out of the facility, unless the vehicle has previously been entered into the City computer, or the vehicle is “Registered and Tagged” via the WeCare Vehicle Registration Program (WVRP). All commercial vehicles will be asked to “Register the Vehicle” with the scale house. Once a vehicle is registered and “tagged”, it will only be required to weigh in. The purpose of Registration is to “TAG” each vehicle with a tare weight to eliminate the requirement to scale out of facility after yard waste is dropped off.
  • Payments: The scale house is equipped to accept payment via check or credit card. All sales must be pre-paid at the scale house unless WeCare Organics has approved a commercial account, or has set up the delivery through the facility manager.
  • Commercial Accounts may be set up through WeCare Organics. Commercial accounts will require a pre-approved credit application. Please contact Don Butynski of WeCare Organics at 734-477-0334 to acquire approval. The scale house will manage the list and terms for commercial accounts.
  • Compost and Mulch Sales for pickup at the facility: All Compost and Mulch sales will be based upon the cubic yard. Payment must be made at the scale house; however there will be no requirement for weighing the vehicle. Once payment is made, customers will be directed to proceed to the compost facility. A copy of customers’ receipt will need to be presented to the compost facility operator prior to being loaded.
  • Minimum transaction size at the compost center (for both yardwaste delivery and/or compost and mulch sales) is two cubic yards. Minimum transactions for delivery are four cubic yards.
  • LARGE Trucks: Full bed pickup trucks or larger should report to the Ann Arbor Compost Center.

PLEASE NOTE: Compost and Mulch Give-Away Program is for Ann Arbor Residents Only. Free self-loaded compost for Ann Arbor residents will be available on Saturdays from April 7 through June 30, 8 a.m. to noon, while supplies last. Residents must bring their own shovel and containers. Residents shall proceed to the scale house to leave name and address. A copy of your water bill and your driver’s license will be sufficient for proof of residency. The scale house operator will direct you to the location of Free Products. Please limit consumption to 6 bushels per household. Thank you in advance for your attention to these instructions.

The City of Ann Arbor and WeCare Organics LLC are happy to be meeting the “growing” needs of the Ann Arbor community.